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I looked up Rick Owens in Fashion Now as part of further documentation after doing this post. Side note: should definitely browse it more often, it has truckloads of awesome pictures. Anyhow, some light was shed on the way he envisions his work. I love to read this kind of stuff and photos slide before the eyes and confirm the words in front of me. Weird, but helpful.

The silhouette I return to regulary is a small, controlled, sharp shoulder, draping down to a trail of smoke. I like the sloppiness of something dragging[...] Colours are usually kind of sombre, muted noncolours-pearls, greys, nudes, shadows.

Minimal chord changes and direct.
Sweet, but kinda creepy.
The luxury of not caring.

Among his inspiration references he mentions: Vionnet, Fortuny, Lou Red, interior designer Jean Michel Frank. They all share an elegance tinged with a bit of the barbaric.

His philosophy: It's not art. [...] But it gets kinda close. It's sort of telling a story bit by bit, season after season.

And one of the most intriguing definition of beauty I've ever read:
The memory of the glory of mosh-pit noses.

Now it is only easy to imagine his next collections...

Sweet treats,

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