What Do You Mean What Do I Mean

A photo reaches perfection once it brings up to the viewer either immense awe or extreme dissatisfaction& repulsion. Photos which aren't able to awake any feelings, be them bad or good, are useless. This is why I admire all photos which stand in these two apparently different categories.
Meet Mr. Toledano. His works are spectacular and seen from any perspective, they can't be ignored. That's always a good thing. For me, fashion photography is like writing. Sometimes it's a short story, sometimes it's a one-liner. But it's always more than just hair and make-up.
The info page says he has been taking odd pictures ever since the age of 11. He thinks that everything should start with an idea, whether it be a single image, or a series. He also sees photographs like unfinished sentences, which should always allow space for questions...
The presentation is written in the first person. I've never-ever stumbled across one. And I like it. It has a greater impact than, say a presentation video. Hm, interesting fact. Keep that in mind. The site is also very well put together. Go see it, it will worth your while.
all photos: mr. toledano

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