Since I've been quite into anything Rick Owen related (see... proofs), I decided it was the appropriate time to add some more swoon material. Feast your eyes on Strutter SS 09:

What do you think? Does his philosophy apply to menswear too? I tend to think that it does. Anyway, he is one of my few faourite designers who does both menwear and womenswear equally good. And with very werable items. Again, leather, dark colors, but the ensembles have their own force to impose their presence, if you know what I mean. The thing is generally, dark colored outfits tend to get under the attention line. So, only relying on cuts, play of volumes and textures Owens gets fab mixtures.
If you visit owenscorp, it will worth your while seeing the furniture line. It's minimalistic & conceptual. Nothing I wouldn't expect.

photos: tfs

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