This Is How We Roll

I'd say that if there's one season destined to be forever dark hearted, that would be autumn for sure. As opposed to winter, which we have to thank for all its whiteness. Once autumn comes in, most people panic and start preparing themselves, like bears do when they sense winter approaching. This is why all sorts of dark shades pop out into the limelight together with the debut of colder days. And I have to admit, I'm not that far myslef by letting go and comfortably attaching to that dark side.

Shoes. Too many, never enough. As if that would be something new. So they are not always on the practical side, but who really cares? It's clear they were not destined (hahah) to be worn when trying to catch the bus or anything. Not does the minor inconvenient that if heeled, they will make you one head taller than the other people in the room. Seriously. They should be looked at like you would admire a piece of art. Art for your feet. Right? And just another quick can't go wrong with stilettos neither with plain boots.
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