So...Do We Really Have A Crisis?

Isn't it contrasting that just when the financial crisis hits hard on economy Karl Lagerfeld starts making his own money? It's a funny word game, but he does just this. I've been reading all over the web articles related to the decrease in luxury goods sales, and different strategies developed by sellers in orther to attract more clients. Some are interesting and some just plain funny. Like bags made out of precious stones which will cost the same amount of money as high-end jewellery. Only the bag will be bought faster because women tend to appreciate it to be more valuable. That sort of thing. Or guides on how to make the difference between over-priced and affordable items (?!).
Today, Lagerfeld unveiled in Paris the five euro coin that he design for the Mint – Le Monnaie de Paris. The coin has on one side, the head of Coco Chanel and Chanel’s signature quilted pattern on the other... Such a coin will be worth from 45 Euros to 5,900 Euros and will go on sale on December 1. Good thing I'm not a collector, hahah. Another one to the list of curious stuff designed by Lagerfeld.
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  1. As I understood, he is not gaining anything from this.

  2. no. he's not gaining profit but the idea is quite interesting. there's nothing karl can't do ;)


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