Rarely, If Even

I don't understand vests. Or waistcoats. Always had a some sort of dilemma regarding this piece of sleeveless garment. You see, in winter is difficult to impossible to wear it instead of a proper coat because it's too cold. And if the vest is made from a thick material you can't wear it underneath the coat either. What's the point if you're back is warm if your hands are freezing? I blame weather.

So let's just assume we are talking about a thinner vest, the kind similar to the mens' waiscoats. That's better. I even own something like that, in a deep green shade which I actually wore several times. Go figure. With a proper blouse, with bows if possible, it does make a rather nice look. Oh, and now that I got to that, I also remember having a fancy pin to close it because it didn't have any buttons. Maybe I should dig that out of the closet and wear it again. Until then, the photo above might just make me reconsider the entire opinion on the vest issue. I-D October 2008, Model: Erin Wasson. Wait...yes, Alexander Wang waistcoat... that must be why. Had to post this one also, too good not to:

Sweet treats,


  1. My mom was taking old suit vests from my father, customizing them (adding some kind of thin metallic chains for the closure) and wearing them with very feminine silk dresses. I should try to find one of this vests...

  2. oh, that sounds soo good. do that;)

  3. love that fuzzy vest that erin is wearing, so comfy!!! xoxo from las vegas

  4. @lisa: yes, it sure looks so! xo right back at you

  5. great very great


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