Polkadots That Left Too Early

Morning. A little round-up from the photos I've taken the last couple of days. Firecrackers? Not exactly. It's just the light from the street lamps. But it does have a nice effect. And a catchy song:

All of the boys and the girls here, in Paris.
Sing to the night without sight, but with madness.
I can’t keep up, I’m a wreck, but want it.
Tell me the truth, is it love or just Paris?

My heart is yearning, but Paris is burning.
Paris is burning all night long.
My heart is dreaming, but Paris is screaming.
Paris is screaming all night long.

Kids in the street drinking wine, on the sidewalk.
Saving the plans that we made, till its night time.
Give me your glass, its your last, you’re too wasted.
Or get me one too, 'cause I'm due any tasting.

As much as I like this song, the video for My delirium is very nicely done, with some cartoon-ish frames here and there. And the rythm is great.

Sweet treats,

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