People Never Notice Anything

Bonus points if you discover what these photos have in common besides, duh, myself. Despite the fact the day was dark and I had that feeling that it will start raining any moment, it was quite an enjoyable time. I gathered the hugest pile of magazines around me and enjoyed every page. Listened to music. See, I even had the time to make collages, hah.
Bloc Party has an amazing sound. I mean, truly amazing. I can't even name just one song from their last album, Intimacy, you have to listen to all of it for an opinion. But Talons is one of my faves so far, aaand the video is quite recent so here it is:

Also, I watched TV for like, half an hour. That happens once in a century. I never-ever have time to watch it more than the time required to eat a proper meal in front of the screen. And then too, I often watch the news, there's nothing else better worth seeing, plus, it keeps me up to date with everything. Like the jeans? They are so large at the bottom! But that's why I love them. That and because they are black. The cardi is this one, with the funny interior. It still proves itself to be useful when it gets colder. Now I'm going to make myself a big cup of tea.

Sweet treats,


  1. can tell the diference hun ... wat is it?

  2. it's the pose i do with the hand near my face in all the photos. it striked me once i finished the post..


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