Paradise Bird Theory

It's a rare thing that one can say about fashion photography, that it gives the feeling of a painted work. Painted... as in an oil on canvas type of representation. Don't you just love it when a photographer manges to do that without losing the perception of reality? I think it is so beautiful when photos show much time was taken to create them, with endless attention & care.
This is why I like the work of fashion photographer Björn Giesbrecht. I have absolutely no clue how could I pronounce that, luckily I can say this in written words. And, well, it is a bit funny, but the moody atmosphere he creates makes me think about Rembrandt. Is that odd? Thought so.
Here is what he has to say... "my pictures are definitely more than the vain attempt to reach something unreachable who's existence could not even be proven.It's rather the small successes which let the distance to the the destination melt down and which offer me invaluable moments of luck."Sigh.

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