A Million Seasons Bond

Hello. Today is one of my birthdays. I say this because it's not my real birthday, it's more like a name celebration. It's kind of funny because it should be really chilly outside but somehow it isn't... Actually it's something in the air. It's more crispy in the morning when it cuts your breath all of a sudden when you get outside. Still, the trees on my street are just starting to lose their leaves and the entire sidewalk is covered with orange&brown leaves. That's fun. And roses? I find it pretty weird they survived until now in the garden. They have a beautiful&powerful redish hue. I hope they will all blossom because of the warm air inside the house. I've put them near my desktop so my attention somewhat gets distracted once in a while. Now I'm going to have some more grapes and apples. They get much more sweet&tasty this time of the year. Have a nice afternoon and hang around for more posts.

Sweet treats,


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