I Hear Guitar Riffs In My Head

I had no idea about it when I initially posted about Ladyhawke (and again), but it seems I'm not the only one who discovered how awesome she is. Haha.
Besides reinventing tweed every season again and again, Karl Lagerfeld knows how to approach modernity and push the Chanel brand straight into the future. Also, it is not overrated to say Karl has his unique way of feeling trends long before they are even born. Maybe this is why he is so not the one to admit a limitation to a singular, 100% fashion world. As far as experimentation is concerned, he tryied everything out there: photography, music, art, design, literature. Broadening his area of knowledge on such a large scale, he's the one person I can place my bets on anytime, eyes closed. So you see why, now and ever more, now, I appreciate his musical choices.

Paris Is Burning, by LadyHawke was played during the SS09 show... Can this mark another promising starting point? I'd like to think so.

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