Go Bold Or Go Home

Here's something that reminded me a bit of that 80's fizz. Maybe it's because of the saturation in the photos? Bold colors are always a win-win situation to come out of. As I was typing the sentence above I realised how important the presentation of something is. The way you put it in front of people. It can ruin everything or it can be that small detail to allow it stand out from the crowd. It's useless to grayscale bright colored photos if the clothes are bright colored. Sure, there could possibly result some nice shades and all, but the magic of the garments fades away. Isn't that so? This is the reason why I was kind of impressed with these photos.
This is Australian label Orri Henrisson and the looks are from the FW09 collection. I especially like the twists (and shouts!) in the garments are daring angles. I would definitely venture myself into wearing the red coat. Name purple, blue, green, red, they are all here. Go visit the site also, it has such a nice layout. Simple and attractive. I rarely run into such great quality in the presentation of outfits on sites. Mainly those which chanell mainstream and are more focused on how to sell big rather to make the client happy. I love small brands. They have so much potential waiting to be dug out. It's such a pleasure to browse newcomer's collections.
photos: fashionisto

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