A Friday Of Epic Proportions

  • two days ago I wore gloves for the first time this year, well, autumn or winter or what season is currently playing just now.
  • can't wait to have some time to bring out all the winter scarves, gloves and beanies. oh dear.
  • it smells like winter, it feels like Christmas. outside sure does smell like winter, so winter must be here, right?
  • yay for oranges and that powerful smell that remains somewhere up in the air time and time after.
  • why is it that peolpe wear grey-ish clothes in colder seasons? I mean coates and outerwear, are they supposed to be dark coloured to be stain proof or what? they should make coates in bright colors more often, these are so hard to find...
  • time is flying fast and days feel shorter, yet lighter.
  • bullet lists are fun.
Sweet treats,

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