Cool People Sit At The Back Of The Bus

It's the middle of the week. And you know I like stories (these were fun, too). I've discovered an artist whose works of art are drawn stories. His name is Yosuke Ueno. Website here.
He even has a key icon for his drawings, if you can imagine that! How lovely is it? I go totally nuts when it comes to little, pastel-colored characters like these. And when there's that something in the background that determined the sense to everything, it's even better!

If I could only just print for myself the entire website and glue them all together, then stick them to the wall. It would make a rad wallpaper, don't you say? Or! Even better, how about an entire ceiling covered in all these? Then all I would ever have to do is lay in the bed all day long and stare, stare, stare. I think I'm going crazy. Be good.
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