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Melvin Sokolsky is a New York photographer. He joined the staff of Harper's Bazaar at the age of 21. During the 60s he worked as a contributor for a great number of magazines. Major name in fashion photography, his works were exposed at museums like The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Museum of Modern Art. Sokolsky's work is characterized by great fantasy and invention, with surrealism being a major influence on his work.

My favourites from his works are these photos part of a series for 1963 Harper's Bazaar. And this, boys and girls, was happening in an era long before Photoshop. I mean, how amazing for words is it? Such a visionary mind, playing with beautiful clothes, showing beauty in an unexpected way. Oh, and I'd like a bubble too, please.

Sweet treats,

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  1. These are very cool! I will definitely look up some of these photos, I love the bubble idea.


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