Why I Like Stories

Look carefully, there are two different photos. Enlarge.

1. Because I sometimes need a narrative thread to attach to throughout the day.

2. Because coincidences are beautiful.

3. Because I love putting photos/frames together. And collages for that matter! Not necessarily from a physical point of view.

4. If something unexpected & unpleasant comes up, I get through it by thinking about HOW INCREDIBLY GOOD it would feel when it will be over.

5. I usually listen to songs in the original way they were placed on the album. It's kharma. And know what? Most of the music albums are envisaged to be listened just like a story. The lyrics & everything make sense when listened in the proper order.

6. Fun fact: most of my favourite songs are either the second one in the track listing or the one just before the ending song...

7. And because I read this somewhere: Everything will be fine in the end. If it's not fine, it's not the end yet. Cheers!

Sweet treats,

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