Walk The Streets With Me

These are some of the photos I took over the last weekend. It was an early time of the day and everything was quiet around. Even the light seemed warmer, in a strange way. I sat in a park for a few moments. Then, at one moment, many pigeons flew in and started looking for food in the grass around the alleys. And as they continued their search, more and more arrived. Soon the alley next to the bench I was sitting on was full of pigeons. I tried to get closer and take some better photos, but they were scared to stay still when they sensed movement around. Lucky me though, a lady came and started feeding the pigeons to help me take the photos. She distracted the birds with a handful of bagel bits. It was very nice of her to help.I was following especially the white pigeon, these ones are so rare to see!
I love to see chestnuts on the ground and that special mix of brown leaves and the last spots of green grass... Yes, I'm aware I had my morning-sleepy face on, but I assure you it was worth it. Aaand... where's music, there's will.

Sweet treats,

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