Two Of A Kind

Finally, finally, finally! I didn't blog for like, a day and it felt like a freakin' eternity. But! I will do some serious catching up. And I filed this post in Friday Fun to celebrate. Hah. Anyway, back to business. I'll start with these two almost identical bags I bought recently. First glance, double shot.
You can't tell from the photos, but they are sooo soft and incredible and spacious and with great internal pockets. Actually, I think got them last week because I've been carrying around the brown one with me instead of this black bag. The brighter sister was worn only one evening and I really regret not taking outfit photos then because they would have been totally worth it. Oh well, next time.
Outfit photos taken inside never turn out to be nowhere near acceptable because of the light. I wanted to make an outfit post today but the weather is not helping at all, it rained all day and even the air turned grey outside. That's it for now, I'm saving the rest for later because I could probably go on and on like this forever.

Sweet treats,

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