So It Really Was Eternal

Believe it or not, as much I as enjoy cold & autumn & occasionally freezing off, I somehow seem to be turning to sunnier things. Like the feeling pictured here:
Don't know about you, but I suddenly felt like I'm spending a never-ending holiday in the country side. And I'm learning how to play guitar on long summer evenings. And when I'm bored I just climb up on top of trees and watch the birds fly by. Or I try to cover my eyes from the hot rays with a gigantic hat made of straws. Wearing the most comfortable and adaptable piece of clothing ever invented. Jeans. Bare feet on the grass. Top all that with a white, flowy dress and there you have it. Perfection.
Current/Elliott is a denim brand powered by the styling team Maude (Emily Current and Meritt Elliott). Their focus is on customized vintage denim, following original samples. Each of the styles in the collections has a year reference, a moment in history. Jeans&vintage. Could it get any better?

Sweet treats,

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