She Has A Tiara But She's Not A Princess

So maybe tiara is not the appropriate term, but who cares. It's the closest thing I could find that does not look embarassing and it belongs to the same, hm... family, with the tiara in this post. Kind of. Well, I've done this too. I know, I was just saying about bringing accessories down to a minimal value. I'm still in the regular limits, yes. This headband though is appropriate to wear during daytime. Goodie. Now I can move on from the tiara obsession and not look weird wearing this. Oh, the joy.

P.S. Pile up on grapes while you still can, they are SO GOOD! You'll thank me when winter comes. Hahah.

Sweet treats,


  1. This reader wishes to see this 'cordeluta' for himself. Also, he is waiting to see the two hair-do's the public has been requesting for a few weeks now. Also the, he wishes to see you.

  2. I can assure the reader all wishes will be granted.


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