Quirks - Jump On The Bandwagon!

So I was tagged by etoilee8 to share 6 unspectacular quirks about me. Thanks!
I personally think no quirks can be unspectacular. But that's another story. It was a difficult task since some of the first things that got to my mind were like: I have a huge collection of bags or sometimes I get really obsessed with nailpolish (actually almost all the beauty category is about that...) but these are anything but a surprise. So I tried to come up with something else instead.

Do feel free to share your quirks, preferably spectacular, hah. Can't wait to read some, so do go ahead! It's a good way to know more about you also, don't you think?

Here are mine:

1. I love playing chess.
2. I enjoy watching geeky documentaries.
3. A complete stranger handed me a big bouquet of white liliac on the street one day.
4. I took judo lessons for several years.
5. I'd like to throw balloons or confetti from the top of the Eiffel tower.
6. I take between several dozens to hundreds photos per day.

Remember, 6 quirks about yourself. The comments section is all yours ;)

Sweet treats,


  1. I'll convert quirks into quarks :p
    I believe that:
    1. Procrastination is healthy in small and numerous doses.
    2. Straight lines are boring.
    3. I'll go bald by 30.
    4. Smoking is as bad as it looks.
    5. I'll live in an attic for a few years and wear woolen sweaters.
    6. I am right.

  2. I think all quirks are spectacular, as well. I love hearing about people's quirks. It brightens my day. And next time I go to Paris, I'll have to remember to bring some confetti in my pocket!


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