Purple On Blonde

This is the huge knitted flower I was mentioning. It doubles both as a brooch, as well as a hair accessory. In case you're wondering, it belongs to a knitted cape I still own. The flower worked as a, hmm, button for the named cape. But now it can be translated into any accessory I need. Talking about versatility.

And I'm wearing the most purple nailpolish I ever had. Bourjois, of course. As I was standing in front of the counter pondering on the hard decision that is hot red or power purple, I realised it was one of the monumental hassels in life. So, of course, I chose purple: Violine interdit. Haha. Funny, the photos show it as a cherry-reddish color, but maybe it's because I applied a double coat. Out in the sunshine it is a pure purple. The collection (1, 2, 3) is ever growing...

Sweet treats,


  1. The flower is so beautiful!

  2. I'm loving the purple suede shoes, where are they from?

  3. thanks!
    the shoes are Atelier Bologna, don't really know what that is, but they are great quality and very comfy...

  4. Thanks Daiane, I need to do an internet search on those. They are hot!!


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