On The Sunny Side Of The Street

So these have been a few crazier days than the average to put it like that. Right now my right wrist feels, hm, funny. It must be because I didn't let the mouse go for almost the entire day. But now I can finally kick back a bit and relax... I don't even want to look into the archives and see how long ago it was that I made the last serious street style post. I'm almost sorry for letting the real-life aspect of fashion go by for so long un-mentioned. But why am I telling this? Because I came across this particular photo:
and if I'm still at it, I'll add some more photos I found while browsing the web lately...

Lovely autumn gear on all these ladies. I like the fact they are keeping it colorful and with lots of layering. It looks&feels so fine on a cold day! I was actually going to post something else right now, but I guess I'll just save that for later.
photos: copenhagen street style, the sartorialist, altamira nyc

Sweet treats,

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