This picture was snapped yesterday. It rained. And it keeps going on and on. I bought this frenchie-shaped beanie yesterday and I'm all over it. I think I'll wear it till it breaks apart. But no worries, I also got one in grey, hah. Finally, a beanie that sits exactly the way I want or can take the exact shape I model with my fingers.

The weather is cold and the wind is blowing with all its strenght. The days get shorter and getting outside photos at a decent quality begins to resemble an impossible mission. If only it was a bit sunnier, I wouldn't complain all that much. I'll post some photos taken inside with this beanie. At least there I can control the light.

Sweet treats,


  1. I love your frenchie-shaped beanie!you look great!

  2. thanks! and it's soo warm! i don't remember having any other well, hat or whatevs, that felt this good when wearing it. xo


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