Life Is One Big Balloon Party

Ok, first thing is that I ran into a whole spread in a photo mag on Tim Walker. Different photos illustrating different creation stages. Mesmerising. Anyway, most of them are well known and appeared on almost every possible fashion site/blog. However, I decided to post the one above today. It's... special. I promise I'll post the rest of the photos tomorrow, they deserve separate attention.
Now on to something else: the COOLEST PENDANT out there. Story: it belonged to my grandma, who passed it on to my mom when she turned 16, aaand it finally got to me. Years ago. But it's still functional. Of course, to put it exactly, the term grabbed it would definitely be more appropriate to use, but the again, who can blame me? Hah. I'm greedy. Oh, oh, see this other vintage treasure from my grandma. And her pearls! Now would you please excuse me while I go peel myself an orange and pretend I live in fantasy land.

P.S. All this talk about pendants, pearls and the likes made me remember I want a ballerina pendant. I saw one somewhere. Obviously can't remember where exactly, but it was so gorgeous, I can't take my mind of it. Oh well, that's it now...

Sweet treats,

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