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Hello. Autumn fruits rock. Mm. And the fresh, biting morning air has a rewarding feeling. Thinking about the perspective of getting cozy & wearing huge & knitted sweaters with endless sleeves. Lovely addiction. I don't see an upcoming end to it, instead the thought of diving into an endless sea of knitted heaven is get more and more appealing! I didn't have the time to get round and do some outfit photos of what I wore lately. But! I will do that as soon as I will wear those pieces again.
Passing on the street I saw this bird trying to get somehow nearer the wall so some warmer air would gradually gather around. I thought it was so... human like behaviour. Birdwatching. Yes, again.I'm so glad it's finally Friday. I can spend all the time I want reading and writing and reading and writing and writing and chilling out. Haha. The weather is strangely going warmer...? I listened to this song which brings back summer-y thoughts and that feeling you get you get if you fall asleep out in the sun for too long. Radiohead-4 minute warning. This is one kind of unexpected memory that just popped up into my head right now. The lyrics may seem dark and gloomy and all that. But it is optimistic and energetic. If you have time, do listen to it, it will get under your skin really fast.
This is just a nightmare
Soon I'm going to wake up
Someone's going to bring me around
Running from the bombers
Hiding in the forest
Running through the field
Laying flat on the ground
Just like everybody
Stepping over heads
Running through the underground
This is your warning
Four minute warning
I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know
I just want to run and hide
This is just a nightmare
Soon I'm going to wake up
Someone's going to bring me around
This is a warning
Four minute warning

Oh, and a funny thing happened. I saw this girl on the street, very early in the morning, wearing a huge Halloween hat decorated with many silver stars. She was not wearing anything else special, she had a very normal outfit per total. Nothing that strange. But when I came back home in the afternoon I saw her again, in the same area as I did in the morning. It made my day. Did you spot any people wearing costumes on the street? I saw quite a bunch today, dressed up in all sorts ways.

Sweet treats,

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