I Could Understand Karl

This bag has been making heavy internet rounds every since the first show photos emerged. It is quite a controversial issue, any people are splitting into those two major categories, pros and cons. Whose part do you take?
Causing a stir, and bringing out emotions, bad or good, that's what Karl wanted. There's no such thing as bad publicity, he seems to think. Good concept.
I tend to let myself convinced this time with the whole idea of the bag. I mean, indisputedly, the half portrait and position which it takes on the canvas is really well studied. He's only suggesting that it's indeed his portrait. Plus, he's using pointilism. In black and white, yes. A game with the subconscious of the viewer, quite the brilliant job.
And he has some great kick-ass nerve, doesn't he? It's really easy to speak when your not a celebrity or a well-know person and to stand up against the whole idea of the thing. But hey, if you can do it, why not? If I had the same fame and value as Karl, maybe I would also make a bag and print my face on the thing. Or maybe I would regret it the day after. Awesome. And the model peeking through the handles? I love the guy. I wonder what's next.

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