Exponentially Cooler

Another item I've been obsessively wearing lately besides the new bag is this grey beanie. Sure, the cold wind outside made it an appreciated item to keep on the head at all times of the day. I don't think I introduced it to you before, but it's identical with this white beanie. Buying the same thing in more colors seriously must stop.

Anyhow. I went with my mom into an accessories shop. Looking through all the stuff there, I stopped in the front of the shelf with hair pins... I took off the beanie and tried several ones, but wasn't satisfied with them. During this time my mom attached this particular hair pin onto my beanie and insisted I should try the whole thing on too. So I did and loved it. Hair pins are not only for hair. See guys, we learn new things every day.

P.S. Celebration is on, I've reached the 450 post! I pictured this as being a milestone... For more to come!

Sweet treats,


  1. Lovin that knitted hat - definitely go to get me one!!


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