Designer Spotlight: Stolen Girlfriends Club

SGC’s creators are Marc Moore, Luke Harwood, Dan Gosling, and Zan Mirkin. It all began as an art exhibition. Wanting to create clothes for themselves, they thought to create a line. People who had viewed their exhibit had taken to the name Stolen Girlfriends Club. Fun fact? None of SGC’s designers had received an education in fashion; two had even struggled as professional surfers for eight years. But wanting to learn and work hard brought out the best in them and into their creations....
With their fifth collection entitled, Pretty Vacant, designers Marc Moore, Luke Harwood, Dan Gosling, and Zan Mirkin have brought together inspiration from late 70’s punk, Marie Antoinette, Siouxsie & the Banshees and The Human Heart.

Here's what Marc Moore of SGC has to say about inspiration sources, fashion and everyday life:

On what SGC means... It is what it is to each individual. We find that everyone interprets it in their own way, it’s kinda cool cause people tend to take ownership of something they discover and can they relate to. Everyone has experienced love and loss of love, happiness and pain, good and bad…if you haven’t then you haven’t lived!Also, very important, he says that passion & integrity shows, consumers are not dumb. True that, I'd say. The lack of interest in creating a garment can sometimes be felt when you actually walk in the store and touch the clothes on the rack. Did you ever feel that? Did it ever happen to you? Because to me it did, and it unfortunately still does... Ignorance and lack of interest are saddening.

About the collection... There will always be that High-Casual feel to the collection with a base of jewelery, tee shirting and denim (shit you can wear everyday), but the stuff that gets me the most excited are the pieces that are conceptual…that push the envelope. Maybe you can’t wear this stuff every day but when you do wear it you get stopped in the street by randoms asking where you got it from. That’s why I am making clothes!

2 songs he loves at the moment... Mer Du Japon by AIR & remixed by The Teenagers.T he Bomb by New Young Pony Club & remixed by The Teenagers. Nuff said. I've been like, obsessed with New Young Pony Club ever sincelast year and still didn't properly move on. And about The Teenagers? See proof here.

2 current sources of inspiration... Music & Romance.

What designers does he personally dig... Luella Bartley, Kris Van Asshe for Dior Homme, Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, Stefano Pilati for YSL, Jun Takahashi of Undercover.

Other projects include The Fates and this one below is the Mini Campaign:

Lots more on their TOTALLY RAD site. It's worth checking it out if only for some eye-candy.

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