Designer Spotlight: J. R. Scacheri or Romeo's Closet

I find that menswear is quite a difficult issue to bring up. Since there's not such a big accent that it's put on it, I really appreciate when creativity is brought up and new designers emerge into the spotlight. I ran into this thread at tfs about designer Joshua Roberto Scacheri and his label, Subfusco.

Scacheri spent his childhood in Brisbane, Australia, but moved to Italy, his father’s country of origin at the age of sixteen. And check this out: his first memory from Italy was of his aunt not allowing him to go clubbing, because of the way he dressed. “She pulled out a Vogue and flipped through the pages, saying, This is how we dress in Italy. Look how amazing this man looks…" Now this is motivation. He moved back to Australia and began studying fashion, textiles, and footwear. During his second year of school, he eventually launched his line Subfusco. Scacheri lives in Brisbane and because of the sunny weather, Subfusco has “a lot of colour and light weight fabrics".

The SS 09 collection is entitled Romeo's closet. It's a modern take of the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet. What would the contemporary Romeo look like and what would he wear? Well, in Scacheri's vision, the power goes to rich colours and textures that ignite the senses and linger with the memory of love lost. And there's more: metallics (gold, silver) represent the coolness and the warmth of armour and the battle in the story whilst the soft yellows, grays, reds, blacks and navys represent the love and tragedy. Curious how does all this look? Go and see.

You can read a full interview here. The most interesting answer when asked who does he imagine wearing his clothes was this: "Lenny Kravitz and Johnny Depp — All men who have a sense of self confidence and want to look sophisticated but still with that edgy feel."

sources: tfs & subfusco
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