Designer Spotlight: Gemma Degara

Gemma Degara is a Spanish designer. She’s creating versatile collections where functionality and comfort are the real protagonists. Her 180º garments whom you could choose witch side would be the front allow to interpret the same garment in different ways. I think this could be the ideal state any garment should reach. Her clothes have lots of details and their own identity, complemented with prints from illustrator Sandra Suy. What a great job she has done! It takes a lot of patience to think about every little detail and be careful on how things add up in the end..

Gemma has been a professional fashion designer for six years now. The SS 09 collection pictured above is entitled Bushido, the samurai warrior code which translates to the way of the warrior. I love how it keeps the collection look so feminine, despite the theme. It is quite spectacular. Sure the presentation photos help a great deal too, adding to the mistery. Today's warrior princess has a new look, but the same attitude...
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