Cartoons & Macaroni

I was going to set the title to Macaroni Hair & Cartoons. Because I had a rebellious hair-do today. Unintentionately. My hair has its own will most of the time, and I don't argue all that much. But! I ran into this explanation on the word macaroni. Do read it, it's highly informative.

And some of the faces I make in the photos resemble cartoon characters. Sometimes. It's funny.

This hat is not that comfortable to wear because once you take it off, its stiff shape makes it annoing (and hard!) to find where to store it safely. And you have to be careful all the time not to get the whole of it squished, haha. Otherwise, it's great, really. All wool & warm. And of course, I also have one in white. Actually a great deal of my accessories come into several colors. For ease of choice. I still believe accessories make the most out of an outfit. Versatility...

Song of the day, Can't break - Atmosphere. Of course. Even though some of Ne-Yo's songs from his new album, Year of The Gentlemen, are quite nice. Some sound too comercial, but they are good. Give them a shot. Miss Independent & Closer. Funny, they suit the air in this post, don't they? Yo!

Sweet treats,

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  1. Love the eyewear and the handbag so chic!!!


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