Burst. A Survival Tip.

Maybe it's because during the week I have to make my outfits fit into a certain dress code. A more, hm, normal one. I mean, how awkard would it be to make an appearance at the office wearing the outfit above? The same goes for school, although things are not that strict. But you know, I CAN BE VERY SERIOUS IF I WANT TO (?!)

The first outfit is what I wore during the day, at work and school. Cheered things up a bit with a brooch I bought in way back March, it's the first one in this post. And another thing. I didn't wear this bag for such a long time, even before getting the jacket and I honestly I had no ideea they match so darn well. It couldn't have been better even if I wanted to, haha.

The second outfit what I wore to do some shopping yesterday evening. I feel the need of wearing COLOR as much as possible, because it fills me with energy inside. I know it's tooth-aching pink, but life would be quite monotonous if I couldn't enjoy such little crazy times. Plus, the weather was totally kind with us. Warm and sunny and everything I could possibly wish for. I've been enjoying it by wearing this leather jacket as much as I could. Colder days will eventually come again and I'll have to switch to something that can keep me warmer. But now, the weekend is here! Woohoo!

Sweet treats,


  1. hi there! i didn't know u work..may i ask u where do u work?..and violet-pink colors suite you


  2. hey, thanks! sure. i work at an architectural design office. my work is on the computer, making projects for houses and such. the thing is, clients are always coming in and out and you have to meet them, talk to them about their project, what they want etc.
    so, making a strinking pink appearance wouldn't look too appropriate...


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