Whatever You Think, Do The Opposite

It sure feels like the right thing to say just about now. I should consider myself lucky for having a taste of autumn weather today. And you now what? I dressed accordingly. Grey and black, a little bit of sequins and some pearls thrown in just for fun. Oh, and yes, I brought my new bag out for the first time and it's major delight. Perfect touch, perfect inside compartments & everything.
What I'm wearing:

I'm not wearing dark colors too often, I must admit. Today I should blame it all on the weather. Outside it's still raining cats and dogs as I'm typing this. But still have pale-pink nails and pearls so it's fine. Know what? Feeling autumn-y dark and gloomy shoud make oneself's spirits go right through the roof. Just like that. I kind of believe that sometimes tempting your luck and doing the exact opposite thing can make you feel good. You sure won't ask yourself afterwards how it would have been if...

Edit 9.9.8: This post was ready yesterday evening, but didn't get to post it on time. Today I decided to publish it, keeping it just the way it was initially written. I'd like to consider it as another page added to this album.

Sweet treats,

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