What Do Critics Say?

This should be interesting to see... International Herald Tribune fashion critic Suzy Menkes. Plus, from the New York Times Style department Eric Wilson and Cathy Horyn... quotes on the first shows that debuted the SS 09 trends...

Alexander Wang:
“had the moment-to-moment quality of young urbanites who buy on Friday to wear on Saturday” — CH

Anna Sui:
“vivacious in color” — SM

Band of Outsiders:
“like going to the Apple store — a big white box where a whole lot of the same thing is shown over and over in multiple displays” — EW

Calvin Klein:
“strange and exuberant” — CH
“feeling of being pitched into fashion cyberspace” — SM

Derek Lam:
“a preciously tailored ladylike look that always seemed somehow appropriate for the Midwest” — EW
“pleasant but characterless” — SM

Diane Von Furstenberg:
“the sort of look that is not so much optimistic as it is at a remove from discussions of bad health care systems and the volatile stock market” — CH
“Who would have thought that the flower children could have grown up so gracefully?” — SM

Marc by Marc Jacobs:
“a collection that was both commercial and cool” — SM

“like some kind of delicious trifle, soaked in wit” — CH
“worn by models who posed like goddess statues, the dresses seemed more like stage costumes than flesh-and-blood wear” — SM

Marc Jacobs:
“recalled not merely the common threads of working women, black or white, but also their drift through the dirty ’30s from country to city” — CH
“offered images of the historic nobility of American women — yet made the graceful and colorful clothes, luminous with glowing appliqués, seem enticingly modern” — SM

Michael Kors:
“with the economy entering what appears to be a long stew, Mr. Kors’s sporty American glamour seems highly bankable” — CH
“certainly an A-plus collection, offering sportswear values that were once the identity of American fashion” — SM

Oscar de la Renta:
“as if he has set his rudder to steer through the middle of the modern media/global/luxury age” — CH
“sporty vacation dressing is the current mood” — SM

3.1 Phillip Lim:
“the designer’s skill … was to add just a little fantasy to simple clothes” — SM

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti:
“hippie de luxe spirit” — SM

Proenza Schouler:
“you sometimes think they are not looking as hard at things as they might, asking themselves: ‘Is this good enough?’ ” — CH
“sent a sexual charge through clothes that were otherwise big and even baggy” — SM

Rag & Bone:
“would well suit your average punk millionaire” — EW

Ralph Lauren:
“terrifically adventurous — Indiana Jones in gold sequins” — CH
“parade of clothes that followed a predictable colonial safari route” — SM

“The mood is tough — Valkyries in chiffon — and the style clipped and pasted from other designers” — CH
“in practical down-to-earth New York Fashion Week, it is a relief to see designers bringing something from a wellspring of inspiration” — SM

“an echo chamber of ideas from Lanvin et al.” — SM

Zac Posen:
“trashy and fun, the models made up into unrecognizable imitations of Britney” — CH
“activates desire” — SM
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  1. thank you for posting this! such an interesting read...and i agree w/a lot of the opinions.

  2. I haven't really had a chance to study the collections as yet but it's always interesting to hear what the 'experts' think.

    I thought this quote from Eric Wilson was quite funny: “like going to the Apple store — a big white box where a whole lot of the same thing is shown over and over in multiple displays” I'll have to check out the collection to see if it's actually true!

    Also, I'm currently running a contest on my blog to win a $25 gift certificate from a lovely online boutique. Hope you'll check it out!

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your day :)


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