What Do Critics Say? Milan.

You may recall the first What Do Critics Say?
It's the same this time around, only for the Milan shows. The two critics Suzy Menkes and Cathy Horyn. Their quotes, my highlights...

Alberta Ferretti: “a sophisticated peekaboo perforation” — SM

Burberry Prorsum: “seemed to return to the Mr. Bailey of his London girl years” — CH
Burberry Prorsum: “Bailey knows that into life some rain must fall, even if spring green ultimately broke through in this quietly beautiful show” — SM

D&G: “The wind was certainly blowing in from all over” — SM

Dolce & Gabbana: “as if a gifted child was doing math in bed” — SM

Dsquared: “bluntly silly” — CH
DSquared: “as if nothing was going to intrude on their optimism about a world where a safari suit partners with pink suede boots and a golden crocodile trench coat was flashed up with copper sleeves” — SM

Emporio Armani: “from the Ottoman empire via cruise boat to dance floor seems a long stretch” — SM

Fendi: “visualize, if you will, a collection of trolls on a sunny windowsill” — CH
Fendi: “had a touch of the peasant/pastoral innocence that is moving fashion away from those toxic city slickers” — SM

Gianfranco Ferré: “things like silhouette and proportion and wearability were sacrificed to pure effects” — CH
Gianfranco Ferré: “They had maybe clicked too hard on the ‘refresh’ button” — SM

Gucci: “felt more merchandised than designed” — CH
Gucci: “a sulfurous safari” — SM

Marni: “wonderfully tone-deaf to everything else going on — and more so than usual” — CH
Marni: “offered a joyous way to chase away doom and gloom” — SM

Prada: “There was no real taste, no mastery of an idea or a feeling, and probably no real place for these clothes except on the runway or in a picture” — CH
Prada: “a tumble as obvious as the unfortunate model, whose figure, folding up like a pipe cleaner as she hit the concrete floor, made even the most seasoned fashionista squirm” — SM

Versace: “What makes people think that a $3,000 dress with a rash of zippers at the neck can take peoples’ minds off an economic crisis or their children’s shrinking college funds?” — CH
Versace: “Bling, though maybe ‘very Versace,’ does not seem to fit with a mood when ostentation is out” — SM

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