Ok, it's TiLT power-mix time! Today I love, in no particular order...

color coordination with my new mp3 player! It's crazy, I love it sooo much, it gives me a constant feeling of happiness. And full streams of my favourite music coming right out of it give another face to the streets I'm walking on. It's my newest best toy.

reasonable wheather
. Now you can actually breathe at noon. It's quite fine I think.

I found this insanely good book and I devour it's every page.

dreams coming true.
Now if this doesn't sound like a cliche, nothing will. But it's oh so true. I'm very happy and content about my whole life at this point because I've managed to finally make it take the shape of my dreams. Read this.

I mean interaction, seeking, giving and receiving advice. Exchange ideas, find&learn new things.

Because it's good for the mind, for time and for yourself. Because it helps discovering things. Because it brings people together. Because it's a way to communicate.

It's the healthiest thing to do in most situations.

Yes to endless months of autumn with truckloads of grapes. Now besides the fact that they appeared on the market months ago, only now it's their season. They bring such a...rustic feeling, don't you think?

Who can live without it...


black&white photography.
One word: addiction.

and this:... a.n.t.i.c.i.p.a.t.i.o.n.

post-its with funny faces.
A total must, stationery refill, yes please!

Is there anything special in your loving list for today?

Sweet treats,


  1. what book are you reading? :)

  2. Yeah, I was wondering that as well :) I´ve just finished Sense and sensebility in both Norwegian and then English (addicted- yes!!) Hihi. Sorry for not commenting for a while, I´ve had quite a lot to do lately.

    Very inspiring to read your blog by the way, you seem really positive to all the small good things lifes brings us:) Keep ut the good work! Its a joy to read!

  3. @ Mara: I read in a mag (don't exactly remember which one though) about a book by irina denejkina entitled votca-cola. it's really good. it's like trainspotting by irvine welsh and the catcher in the rye by jd salinger put together. i wish i knew russian, so i could read the original version. translations are always so silly...

    @hilde: great to have you back, sweetie! thank you so much! & thanks for sharing!
    i'm glad i can bring you joy by what i write over here. it's the little details that count. i'm focusing on them, and always trying to get rid of any negative vibes. loves, xo

  4. what book are you reading? :)


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