Wild flowers. I received a whole bunch of them yesterday and now I'm enjoying the smell of pollen that comes from their direction. They take up quite a big part of my desk/working area, but that's just fine. They don't last too much anyway. Sad. But I took a lot of photos of them and they turned out to show so nice details in a wide range of hues. This almost made them look artificial. But now I'm playing around with them turning to colors into black&white. I'm way too predictable sometimes.

...aaand today I bought another bag. I realised these days that I have bags in every shape and and color possible but none in black. I mean, what's the point in owning a freakin' coconut bag (!!) if you don't have a basic. What a slip. It's like not having a black dress in your wardrobe. Or a pair of jeans. Or a simple white tee. Anyway, problem fixed now. Knowing me, I'm sure you'll get to see it asap, because I will be wearing it to the point where it falls appart. Or at least until I find another bag I like more. It's my game.

Sweet treats,


  1. show us the bag!!! :)

    when you told us about u ..smelling the flowers, i remembered a funny cartoon with a sweet bull named Ferdinand who was in love with the wild field flowers. do you remember that? :))

  2. Bags are an addiction. Coconut bags? Those go with everything! Ha!
    I love wildflowers and fresh cut flowers are the best sort of thing to have around.

  3. @Mara: sure i will! and yeah, i do remeber that cartoon, i liked it a lot!!

    @The Clothes Horse: you're so right!


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