Hey guys! I thought about writing a little bit today about, well, myself. See, bloggers have to be a bit egocentric at times, there's simply no other way. So I've made myself a nice atmosphere right here, taken a plate filled with grapes I just bought and start typing away.

I don't think I will include any photos this time around though. See, what I generally look at (and for sure catch my eye in the first place) are photos. The bigger and colorful, the better. But today is a no-photo-posting day. Oh but no worries, I have another fashion related post waiting in line. Don't I always?

So these days I'm literally freezing my arse. The temperatures have gotten down in a ridiculous manner and... let's just put it this way: it's FREAKIN' cold out there! Gosh, and we've only passed the middle of September. It seems that it was yesterday I was praying to get out of August with my sanity unscathed. However, I assure you I'm not complaining a single bit. Nope. I actually got down to making my way through a more thicker wardrobe. All of a sudden everything needs to be fluffy, and cashmere-like and soft and good at keeping me warm. Sure all the photos I'm browsing from the fash weeks with all those summer-y outfits play their part in imagining a warmer climate, but still.

I finished reading a great-great book. Now I know I've said it before, but this one is truly amazing. Maybe I should get around and write a review for it. I've put down some quotes I liked while reading it, so it would make sense. It's still my Oriental mania going on and the book is (obviously) about people from Japan. I love Japanese writers. They have such a warm way of writing and expressing things, you wouldn't believe. I can't compare them only with South-American authors. Their writings give me pretty much the same sense of warmth. That would be why I love reading books written by these two categories of writers more than any others. Japanese this, Japanese that, a little bit American thrown in and I'm one happy gal.

Other than that, I'm kinda bummed school is going to start soon. Not that I wouldn't like it, it's just that it takes up such a great amount of time, that at times it seems too much. But you know what? The secret of puting up with that is to really love what you are doing. That way, it will all be easy-peasy.

Today I've listened all day long to the latest album of Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs (remember I wrote about it for Prim? Haha, I'm such a bragger...). Well, it's on my mind again. It won't beat their 2005 Plans album, but here they are, songs, more than songs, stories, more than stories, just listen carefully...

The wind picked up, the fire spread.
The grapevine singing, left for dead.
The northern sky looked like the end of days, end of days.
The wake up call to a rented room.
Sounded like an alarm of impending doom.
To warn us it's only a matter of time.
Before we all burn...Before we all burn...
Before we all burn...Before we all burn.

Bought some wine and some paper cups,
Near your daughters school and we picked her up.
Drove to the cemetary on a hill, on a hill.

Watched the bullets paint the sky grey.
She laughed and danced through the field of graves.
There I knew we'd be alright.
Everything will be alright...
Will be alright...Will be alright...Will be alright.

News reports on the radio said it was getting worse.
As the ocean air fanned the flames.
But I couldn't think of anywhere I would've rather been.
To watch it all burn away.
To burn away...

The firemen worked in double shifts.
With prayers for rain on their lips.
They knew it was only a matter of time.

Sweet treats,

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