Stars Were Tweeting With Surprise

This is what I looked like yesterday. I know, the pictures are kind of dark, but the outfit is all black and brown only anyway. The jeans are the new pair I was mentioning in this post. I like the fact they are wide-legged. There were also this pair that went even larger at the bottom in a dark blue shade, but they were too over the top for daily wear. So I sighed and put them back on the rack. Still I'm very happy about my pick. And I'm not totally on the dark side because my coat is this insane eye-popping strawberry shade. Hah. I guess I love to play with extremes. I have to put up outfits that are appropiate to wear both at work and at school. Also, try not to look too stiff or anything, but to have strong colors and unexpected shapes. The brown blouse is also new, and it's an 80s style, with veeery wide sleeves. I promise next time I'll take a better photo. It's worth it.

Sweet treats,

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