Sleepless In Stilettoes

I'm shamelessly borrowing the title of this post from one belonging to photograph Eric Ray Davidson. The photos he's taking during the Fashion Week are posted on a daily basis both on his blog, and also on The Moment. It gives interesting insights, so it's definitely worth checking out.

I haven't been posting anything about the Fashion Week untill now because, except spotting the actual trends, nothing particular caught my eye. Still, the Marc Jacobs collection is one cookie hard to ignore, especially since it has been decked out with cinema-worthy decorations.

The show took place on a runway lined with mirrors and with mirrored dressing room doors at the start. For those willing to see it, the collection clearly refered to America, its history and the contradictions that make it be what it is today. American aesthetic, seen in all its complexity. Black was used on quite a large scale, bringing to life every piece of clothing, from cardigans to dresses, everything got a perfectly polished note. quotes Jacobs: "It's about the joy of dressing up." Here's why I love his collections. Because they all express this feeling so well. What definitely impressed me was the way the classic country-girl look was reinterpreted. And almost each outfit was complemented by a slightly flattened hat (all from Stephen Jones).

I particulary agree to Cathy Horyn when she says that all the American references are there for anybody who bothers to look and then imagine them in a contemporary way. True spoken words.

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  1. absolutly to die for,all of the collection!

  2. I think the styling of this collection is more interesting than the individual pieces.

  3. absolutly to die for,all of the collection!


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