So let the people talk
It's Monday morning walk
Right past the fabulous mess we're in
It's gonna be a beautiful day...

I love dates. Funny enough, I'm awful when it comes to remember birthdays or such. Total catastrophe. But I do remember very clearly I took the plunge and started this blog on October 1st, last year. Eleven months ago, to be more precise. And I did it on that particular day so I could trick myself into remembering it easily. See, I do know myself pretty darn well. Anyways, I had no idea I would be capable of dishing out a post per day, but I did it and here I am doing it even now. Useless to point out how many things happened in the meantime or how many amazing people I've met... more celebration next month!

Sweet treats,


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming blogiversary! I'm really terrible with dates as well...makes me feel very guilty.


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