Kudos To Zanotti

If you read this post then you'll know why I appreciate the attention that shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti puts into the process of creation. So far, summer 2009 shoes were all fear-making, beside looking fabulous. This fabulousity may come at a price when the heels are sky-high. Models tripping and falling over during the runway show is one kind of publicity no designer would appreciate.

This is why we're all eyes on Giuseppe Zanotti. Together with his team, he designed over 800 styles for the next season. Off the runway, this Italian is prefered by many celebrities. And not only for a pair of heels, but also for flats. He has been in the shoe business for three decades now, and his collaborations include some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Zanotti wisely says that "We need to give everybody in fashion a lot more time.", referring to the short period of time it is given for creating the shoes for one collection. Also, he states that in order for everything to turn out well, it is imperative that the process of making designer shoes is slowed down. For his collaborations with Balmain in Paris (namely designer Christophe Decarnin), as well as with Proenza Schouler, the footwear is discussed and developed at least two months ahead of the show season. This way, the balance and the fit of the shoe will be done right.

The technical features are essential. Zanotti says "The concept of a platform is that it must fit the woman herself." The concept that his work is built upon is that a woman must be able to stay upright when wearing his shoes, and even when dancing and jumping.

I already have a strong sense of security just reading his words. Hopefully, with his creations on their feet, models will not have to test again the concept of killer heels...
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