It's like Moonwalking Only Better

Tataaam, this is what it should be called the subtle art of blog posing, hah.

I found this, hm, piece of knit the other day and bought it without any second questions. I'm not sure what exactly the creator of it must have thought about the model of it, but it suits me well. I suppose that he/she didn't have in mind an all black outfit, slouchy jeans and converse. It could have been a piece suited to throw over a long puffy dress which ends somewhere between the knees and the ankles... Maybe some ruffles could be thrown in too? And surely, a pair of Mary-Janes and a belt on top of it all. I can see so clear this image in my head, I wish I could stretch my arm and draw it on the screen of my computer. How totally rad would that be? Please, would someone perform this magic trick for me? Yeah, thanks!

I wore this, let's just call it for now knitted dress, a couple of times. A bit different version was wide blue jeans and a violet tee. But yesterday I cut out all the color and almost hit my goth side, haha. It must happen once in a while.

Sweet treats,

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