It Glows In The Dark

You have no idea just what a major geek I can be. Really, major. I bought a lot of, well, technical stuff during the last few days. And this, this tops the rest. I wanted a new mp3 player for a long time now. Yesterday, when I was walking down the street, I saw it in a window. So I went into the shop, asked for it and found out that it was the last on they had on stock. It also was available in an adorable baby blue shade and black. But I thought hey, why not get the pink one if that was the one that got me into the shop in the first place? Yeah.

Soooo... I took it. Now I'm trying to figure out what new music to listen to. Again. I'm always changing the music I listen to, so I'd really want to hear if you have any ideas.
What music do you like?

Sweet treats,


  1. i have the same on black. Got it last year as a present after someone took my old mp3 from my desk @ work :)

    I usually listen to rock music (all kinds) and radio guerilla.

    also got a new phone yesterday (on pink...hehehehe) as the other one died yesterday after being in my service for 5 years :)

  2. oh goodie, now we match! i looove your phone, maybe a bit too much. i have a siemens for three years now and i keep switching between it and a motofone, just for the fun of it :)) xoxox

  3. i had a samsung... i`m not that into phones, and to be honest all i want from it is to be able to speak :) i wanted one without a camera but it seems 90% of the phones have one:)

  4. gosh, i don't like phones with camera...i mean, it's useless. better take a real camera to take quality pics if you really want to, right? that's why i too have very simple phones :))

  5. yes!!! completely true! unfortunately now i have a camera phone... my first one :)but i will never use it! i promise :P

  6. :)) you're really sweet! if you ever decide to use the camera on your phone, i'd suggest just to take a pic of whatever you love best and use it as a backgound. it would be useful just a bit, the poor camera ;) xo


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