I Like It, But What Is It?

This is what I wore yesterday evening actually. I usually do outfit posts the very day I take the photos, trying to avoid forgetting all about them, but this time I was too tired.
So, meet my new slouchy cardigan I was mentioning in the TiLT I did last week. Isn't it the best? I love wrapping myself in it if I'm cold. Got if from the men's section, so it's much larger than all my cardigans, but just enough to make me feel cozy. And hey, more place for me to move! Plus, the longer sleeves, Italian style, are so good in the chilly mornings!
Now, on to the crazy yellow shoes. They haven't been appearing too much on this blog, maybe once if I recall well. Even though they have lower heel than my other pairs of shoes, they are not so comfortable when it comes to wearing them for a longer period of time.
Outfit breakdown:
  • tee, hennes;
  • cardigan, selected;
  • trousers, imitz;
  • yellow heels, city chic;
  • vintage bag. I'm overwearing this one although I'm getting (again) to the point where I don't have enough storage space for my bags. Geez.

Extra pics on the photostream, right of the page, you can't miss it.

Sweet treats,


  1. that is a treatfull cardigan indeed hun. so damn hot in bucharest thou, too early for cardigans.

  2. Great outfit. It's very chic but also looks comfortable.

  3. yeah, it's always warmer outside in bucharest than here!
    &thanks both! xo

  4. Your outfit is gorgeous! Your cardigan looks just like Nubby Twiglet's, how cute! :D


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