High As A Kite And Afraid Of Nothing


According to style.com, Phi has reached a balance in the game of lingerie mixed with aggressive tailoring. I especially like this look. Nevermind the what seem to be a pair of leggings. The dress is my focus. I guess you could just as well call it the dark ballerina. I like the loose fitting, and the material in it seems pretty silky and I bet it feels wonderful against the skin. A pop of white, and we're done. A look quite easy to recreate. I think I could just as well give it a go now, when the cold season approaches - hah!

And now, onto some more glamorous all-black. Long evening dresses. Say this word and I'll be there, my eyes all sparkilng stars & butterflies. When it comes to Marchesa, I expect lavishness, decadence, fabulousity. Greek goddesses draped in spectacular rivers of materials, delicate dresses falling off their shoulders. An old-school neglige style and fancy embroidery. Oh, and while I'm at the Marchesa topic, why on earth is it that every show I have to fall for those candyfloss colored dresses? It's not fair. At all. Extreme addiction.


Last but not least, there is this black dress from the Zac Posen show. I can imagine it squish-squishing down the runway, ruffles balancing in every possible way in the rhythm of the music. I'm not at all convinced by the dramatic hair and neither by those long and dangling earrings. I'd wear it with a natural hairstyle, loose and wavy for example. But that's just me.

all photos: style.com

P.S. Guys!! This is my 400th post! Is this completely mind-blowing or what? Remember, the 1st of October marks the 1 (first) year anniversary of this blog... more touching (ha!) words to come on that date.

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  1. Marchesa was quite impressive....

  2. Oh, I love that black dress. Really cool description/analysis of Phi.

  3. The Phi lingerie inspired dress is such a good mixture of sexy and fun.

  4. Absolutely sensational..

    P.S. Congrats on 400 posts! :)

  5. The Phi lingerie inspired dress is such a good mixture of sexy and fun.


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