Who in the world would have though the entire concept of fashion&style blogs could be so easily torn apart with just a few words? I'm literally speachless and questioned myself whether all this is a ridiculous dilution that is being built and not a global, international fashion conscience.

Could it be that we are helping each other to gradually loose the sense of style? As read on Susie Bubble, Benjamin Cho talks about the so called cheesy blog trend. And that individualism is on the way of disappearing. By no means I'm letting myself be labeled as such. It's denigrating. I'll keep up looking at this blogging thing as a new way in which a person can express herself while giving and getting feedback. It's just an easier approach.

I won't deny the obvious fact that blog trends might actually have appeared. A certain clothing item or a pair of shoes that become the next best thing and object of desire for fashion bloggers. But that's exactly what they are, trends, they are supposed to come to life and die over and over again. It's the nature of things, a virtual version of real life fashion trends. Several stories are played on repeat, they come and go, something is in or out depending on seasons and tastes.

Blogs shouldn't be blamed for a supposed style dilution. That's what the actual trends are doing. And besides, trends are such a variable these days! Anything can be considered as being modern, it depends just on the way you look at it. Anything is accepted & acceptable, pastels in winter, Dr. Martens shoes at a party, or goth make-up worn with a pink tutu.

So, blogs are by no means authorities. They build fashion awareness in the mind of the viewing&reading public. They are inspiration, and that's the best thing you can name a blog.

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  1. Very touchy subject to bloggers. I don't my blog or it's readers have changed me, more that I am sharing of myself with people who are already similar to me.
    Plus, my favorite blogs are personal. The emphasis is everything each blogger brings to the table not what we can all find, it's a unique perspective on the world that keeps people coming back...


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