And Some Milan: Gianfranco Ferré

Up untill now, this is the show that really rocked my world. It was up to the new designers Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi to bring out a new image for the brand of the late Gianfranco Ferré. And they sure did it well, in a futuristic style.

The entire collection has extremely clear shapes, being geometric to the limits. And how not to love it, when the designer admited to have architecture as an inspiration source. Also, Aquilano added that "it is important for a woman to have two sides to her image - front and back." Case and point, the skirts. With a full, round shape, the waist was marked by medium-sized jeweled belts.

What I particularly like at this collection is that materials are given the power to speak themselves. Look how nice they fold while the model walks down the runway. Most of them reflect the light, and that is why little ornaments are included.

In the accessories field, the shoes had a spectacular shape, curved at the heel, as if following the circle of a bracelet. An obvious and admited fact by both of the designers is that not the entire collection is ready-to-wear. Some of the pieces are out there just for "photographic purposes".

One of my favourite parts of this collection must be the sleeves. How perfect do they look? They remind me of some origami foldings. As if to demonstrate how much can little do, the three basic shapes are the circle, the square and the triangle. Elementary. Geometry.

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