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Meet my new pair of jeans. If you ask me, the color of any pair of jeans is essential, there are so many different hues! Well, that and how soft they feel against the skin.
I've always been crazy about ripped jeans. The thing is that wearing them the most part of the year is not always appropriate it depends on weather conditions. However, during the cold season they can be worn with a pair of colored tights underneath. They will show just enough to add a special twist to the ensemble.
I've been reading on countless blogs about Crystal Castles. I've also been listening to their music and gave it a shot. I like it. Very much. Especially Black Panther and Tell Me What To Swallow.
Do you think music can influence the way you dress?

Sweet treats,


  1. Hello Daiane :)
    Some people do probably find music as a way of lifestyle, and dress out of inspiration from it. But I think today, when everything is "allowed", pople like to add their own twist to the outfit. That is what makes todays styles so interesting, if u ask me ^^
    Sometimes I get inspired in the moment when I pick "todays outfit" out of my closet. By the season, by how I feel, but mostly by what song I listen to right then. I also like to clean out my closet sometimes and put together outfits of all sorts, also while listening and finding inspiration from music :) Its fun, hihi. (Ps Im not too good in English, sorry about that..)
    Xox, Hilde

  2. hilde, it's so interesting what you've sayed! it's the same for me most of the times. plus, you never know what will happen next or what random fact makes inspiration strike you at any point of the day! you're right, it is so fun!! xo


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